Current works available to buy

Flying Free porcelain, gold leaf, gold lustre 65cm x 30cm £295
Trapped (hummingbird contained within vessel) porcelain, platinum lustre 60cm x 30cm £295
As I Am porcelain, transparent glaze 60cm x 20cm £200
Risen From The Flames smokefired porcelain, 60cm x 25cm £295
Not Anish Kapoor porcelain, steel, wood, black 2.0, 60cm x 20cm £260
Breaking Free porcelain, paperclay, gold lustre, 60cm x 35cm £295
Spreading My Wings porcelain, glaze, 60cm x 20cm £260
Lingchi porcelain, copper lustre, 60cm x 20cm £275
David Pye Ochre stoneware, glaze, 10cm x 25cm £80
David Pye White porcelain, glaze, 10cm x 25cm £80
David pye blue stoneware, glaze, glass, 10cm x 25cm £80
Stargazing shallow red stoneware, glaze, 5cm x 30cm £50
stargazing deep chunky black stoneware, glaze, 30cm x 40cm £180
a walk in the woods black chunky stoneware, porcelain slip, glaze, platinum lustre 25cm x 45cm £180